What we do

Radius Specialty Limited was established in November 2017 with a focus on writing effective, bespoke coverage in specialist reinsurance and retrocession lines. We have built a reputation for approachability and flexibility in developing new structures for both existing and emerging risks.

Radius is a market leader in cyber excess of loss treaty and a well-respected underwriter of political violence, personal accident, financial lines and nuclear reinsurance. As well as these five towers, we also pride ourselves on our flexibility in writing idiosyncratic treaty business around one-off, specialised classes of reinsurance and niche structures.


We provide affirmative cover for insurers’ cyber portfolios and the wide range of perils to which they are exposed. We have also created reinsurance structures designed to cover against non-affirmative cyber losses and advise upon means to reduce exposure to this extensive and potentially catastrophic peril.

Political Violence

We offer comprehensive coverage for the whole suite of political violence perils, including war on land, terrorism and strikes, riots and civil commotions.

Personal Accident

We underwrite treaties for catastrophic cover on a retrocession basis for entities looking to protect their accumulations in high-risk areas.


We have long-standing relationships with the leading nuclear underwriters and offer property and liability treaty protection for nuclear sites and other assets associated with this niche industry on both a first dollar and XOL basis.

Financial Reinsurance

We provide treaty solutions for a range of financial insurance portfolios, including mortgage indemnity, PMI and Capital relief structures.


We are happy to help create bespoke non-proportional structures, and protect against emerging and niche lines of business.